Patient Rewards Program

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The first industry wide rewards program for the cannabis industry.

Reward Patient Loyalty

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A proper loyalty rewards program is one of the best ways a dispensary can retain its new patients.
That's why we created the RX-Pass Rewards Program utilizing RXChange

Points Your Patients Can Count On

1 point is equal to 1 cent in purchasing power. No rate changes. No expiration dates.

Redeemable at any subscribing dispensary, giving patients maximum flexibility.

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Accept Rewards From Other
RX-Pass Patients

Accepting RX-Pass Rewards at your dispensary will send you new customers that wouldn't have visited normally, expanding your dispensary's patient base.

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Customize Your Rewards

Each dispensary buys their own reward points from NextRX at a one-to-one ratio with a small transaction fee (only to prevent a loss on our end).

The points, once bought, have a multitude of uses. Reward them for first time deals, larger purchase incentives, or to encourage patient traffic during down times (ie. Double points awarded from 2pm-5pm Wednesdays!)

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