Patient Management

RX-Pass Xpress Check-In

Bringing The Latest Technology Into Patient Registration

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  • First-time registration time as short as 1 minute.

  • Attract return patients with convenient check-in and shorter wait times.

  • Access to a database with all your patient records, 100% digitized and easy to update as necessary.

  • Instant notification of outdated records, ensuring compliance with medical marijuana regulations.

  • 100% FREE for patients AND dispensaries.

The Patient Process

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RX-Pass Kiosk (Silver)
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RX-Pass Sticker
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Optional RX-Pass Mobile (Sent via email)
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QR Code Scanned, Access Approved

First-Time Registration

1. Present Your Documents to the Receptionist.

2. Sign the dispensary user agreement at the nearby RX-Pass Kiosk (see left).

3. The receptionist hands back your documents, along with an RX-Pass Sticker to put on your recommendation.

4. Check in with your RX-Pass QR Code (available on your RX sticker, RX-Pass Card, RX-Pass Mobile, or VeriPass) and enjoy!

Returning Visits

1. Receptionist scans your QR Code to access your record.

2. If everything is up to date, you're in!

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