Subscription Plans

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RX-Pass Essentials
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Display this icon at your dispensary to let your patients know you accept the RX-Pass for check-in and registration. No equipment necessary accept for a computer, an internet connection, and one iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
RX-Pass EssentialsPLUS
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Display this icon at your dispensary to signify that you accept the RX-Pass and utilize our RewardsPLUS system. Accept RX-points as currency, and distribute them to your patients for first time deals and promotions. This service is free, but an iPad is needed to make RX-point transactions.
RX-Pass Complete
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Display this icon at your reception window to signify that your dispensary uses the full power of the RX-System. In addition to the features listed above, dispensaries can use our POS system to manage inventories and analyze important sales data. RX-Pass Complete also provides your dispensary with a complete listing on our dispensary database, allowing your menu, hours, and location to be displayed to our entire patient network.

We also provide the necessary hardware for our Premium no additional cost!