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The Next Mission … should you choose to accept it

NextRX is on a mission to fundamentally improve the patient experience for medical marijuana patients through the use of cutting edge technology in the form of the RX-System.

We have developed our exclusive RX-Pass system to allow patients to register quickly and easily through our system where all patient information is stored securely offsite.

After registering, new patients are issued their own RX-Pass which they receive on their smartphone so that check-in is just a matter of a simple scan. The system automatically checks that all necessary documents are on file and valid. To prevent fraud staff compare the patient’s picture in the system to the person. As we like to say to RX patients, your face is your passport.

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The Rewarding Membership Network

Once completed, our system will include RX-Points where patients earns reward points for every dollar spent. Unlike other loyalty programs and reward systems currently in the industry, RX-Points have a specific value which never changes - namely one cent per point.

As a result patients will be able to use their RX-Points to pay for medicine at any subscribing dispensary and they will even be able to add RX-Points to their account to pay for meds online - whether they go to the dispensary or order for delivery (where allowed by law).

That’s what makes the RX-Pass into the industry’s first Rewarding Membership Network.
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We are extremely excited about the advent of genuine equity crowdfunding (Reg CF) not just as a way to raise funding to turn our vision into reality but equally importantly as a way to develop a community of evangelists that are as excited by the potential of being the beneficiaries of the NextRX experience as they are about making a good investment.

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We have developed our exclusive VeriPass as a convenient way for patients to identify themselves.

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About NextRX

NextRX, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Nevada on September 1, 2015. We are a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that services the medical marijuana (MMJ) industry.

NextRX solves global problems plaguing the Medical Marijuana (MMJ) industry.  Currently, the MMJ patient registration process is insecure, inconvenient, and unrewarding. 

  • The MMJ patient registration process is insecure because the patient records are locally stored with different dispensaries. 

  • The registration process is inconvenient because of the paper-based, time consuming registration process for MMJ patients. 

  • The MMJ patient registration process is unrewarding because the only loyalty programs are tied to individual dispensaries and are paid to the MMJ patient in product. 

NextRX solves these problems with its RX-System. Next RX offers a paperless software solution that makes MMJ patient registration smooth, seamless and secure, and provides loyalty program rewards across multiple dispensaries.

How it works

An MMJ patient registers with NextRX at a participating dispensary by producing a California driver’s license as proof of identity [how is identity, etc. verified?] and a valid MMJ Patient Recommendation. [How is validity of Recommendation checked?] The patient then signs the dispensary user agreement online at an RX-Pass kiosk. Once this process is complete, NextRX issues the patient an RX-Pass or RX-VeriPass, with a unique number identifying the patient.  The Pass can be in the form of a sticker that can be placed on the Recommendation, a QR code that can be placed on a mobile phone, a physical wallet-sized card or the premium RX VeriPass, which includes a copy of the Recommendation as well as the RX-Pass number.
The patient can use the RX-Pass to register and check-in with participating dispensaries, reducing registration time and check-in time.
Participating dispensaries use NextRX’s database to manage patient records, monitor inventory, keep track of patients’ purchases and issue and redeem loyalty reward points.  NextRX is the only provider of an industry-wide rewards system. 
This system will have the appropriate security that will provide HIPPA compliant Data Management. 
The Next-RX system is free to patients using the RX-Pass. We anticipate charging for the RX-VeriPass although we are currently offering this service free. We intend to generate revenues by charging the dispensaries a monthly fee.

Our advantages

Our advantages to patients are:

  • Patient check-ins: Through our RX-Pass stored as an app on the patient’s phone.

  • Patient shopping: Easy access to our dispensary platform, which will include detailed menus and promotions from our subscribing dispensaries.

  • Patient rewards:  Patients’ RX-Passes will allow them to accumulate rewards points that you can redeem at RX-Pass subscribing dispensaries.

Our advantages to patients:

  • A patient management platform: Faster and easier patient registration, check-in and tracking.

  • Loyalty rewards program: Dispensaries are able to manage their issuance and redemption of loyalty program awards.

  • Inventory solutions: Our RX-Pass POS inventory management solution can be used for basic tasks like inventory control and sales reports, or for advanced analytical features such as peak hours, customer trends, and more.


We currently offer two pricing plans to dispensaries:

  • RX-Pass Essentials offers SaaS that includes paperless patient files, digital user agreements, accelerated first-time registration, accelerated return check-in and is compatible with point of sale software. This costs $149 a month.

  • RX-Pass Essentials Plus offers all the elements of Essentials, plus the ability to issue and accept RX Points under a loyalty program. This costs $199 a month. Dispensaries also pay for the cost of our hardware.

Our business plan

Our current mobile functionality includes the ability to provide RX-Passes, RX-VeriPasses, Recommendations and a database of physicians and dispensaries. We intend to expand this to include patient-specific search options, promotions and product menus, and to use our network data to improve the patient experience.

We believe a key to success is to develop the NextRX brand. This will be built on the back of a large, satisfied patient network, so growing that network is key to our success.

We intend to expand into the recreational marijuana market, where patient management will not be a factor, but where loyalty programs will still be attractive.


Our competitors include MJFreeway, Greenbits, IndicaOnline, EAzeMD/HelloMD and WeedMaps. We believe that our patient focus separates us from our competition.
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Neither the company nor any of our officers or managing members are disqualified from relying on Regulation Crowdfunding.

Annual reports

You will be able to find out annual reports on our website at www.nextrx.net/investors.

Ongoing reporting compliance

We have not previously been subject to the ongoing reporting requirements of Regulation Crowdfunding and, as such, have not previously failed to comply with the requirements of Rule 202.

Due diligence

Due diligence by CrowdCheck, Inc.