The Pivot

Our Timeline

By Oliver Mandt-Rauch

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  • Jul. 15 2015

    The Revival

    Enter myself, Oliver Mandt-Rauch, a 19 year old who had just finished his first year at University of California, San Diego. My father had explained his concept and even some of his prototypes to me several years back, however at the time I was only 16, and on top of that I had never been to a dispensary so I didn't have any way to truly understand the problems NextRX was addressing.

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    One day during my summer vacation my dad approached me asking if I would be interested in joining the NextRX operation as he had recently began re-working the product, this time with a re-done patient management solution and a different beta testing site. It didn't take me long to get on board. My vision for what this system can be is pretty clear in my mind, and it makes me excited thinking about how far this could go.

    Passion is something I find very rarely. I found it in music, and I found it in sports. Now I found it in entrepreneurship. The only difference is that this one is the most likely to pay my bills.

  • Aug. 1 2015

    New Office, New Start

    After acquiring a modest amount of funding, we decided to work at Cross Campus, a co-working space near downtown Santa Monica. We found an affordable private office within their building, and after we got settled went straight to work.

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  • Sep. 1 2015

    The New NextRX Inc.

    A month passes by, and already a lot has changed. We have a new team, a new focus, and even a redesigned product. For these reasons, we decided to start on a clean slate by establishing a whole new NextRX Inc.

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  • Sep. 29 2015

    Soliciting Arcview Angels

    The ArcView Investor Network is the most established cannabis investor network in the United States. For that reason, we were interested in sponsoring one of their LA events in order to gain the right kind of recognition.

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    We ended up obtaining a sponsorship that allowed us to issue RX-Passes on site, a huge step forward as that allows us to give a live demonstration of how our system works to potential investors. The result - lots of tire kicking but no investments. Maybe the time had come to consider an alternative sources of funding.

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  • May 16 2016

    1st. Crowdfunding Campaign

    Always eager to be at the forefront NextRX becomes one of the very first companies out of the gate on May 16th. with their Reg. CF equity crowdfunding campaign on the StartEngine platform - for 2 days.

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    The escrow bank selected by StartEngine refuses to handle transactions because of the cannabis connection forcing StartEngine to take down the campaign. What a disappointment.

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  • Jun. 11 2016

    Los Angeles Times Article

    Sometimes bad news can have a positive outcome. The removal of its campaign had suddenly made NextRX newsworthy and provided an excellent article in the LA Times. Though funding proved elusive at least we got some valuable exposure.

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  • Jan. 15 2017

    Crowdfunding Campaign on Fundanna

    New year new opportunities. After reading the LA Times article, TruCrowd another equity crowdfunding platform decided to establish Fundanna (think FundCanna) to focus exclusively on cannabis related startups.

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    Obviously music to our ears given that we already had a campaign ready to go and so NextRX became the first listing on Fundanna in 2017.

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  • Apr. 20 2017

    NextRX featured at CanInvest

    After being featured at the CanInvest event in Los Angeles on 4/20 the NextRX campaign blazes past its minimum threshold.

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    The year 2017 sees a veritable explosion of ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings. The term mimics IPOs or Initial Public Offerings where companies start to sell shares to the public. The difference is that currently the ICO market is largely unregulated since payments are made in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether or Litecoin.

    Some startups raise huge sums in exchange for newly created cryptocurrencies.

    NextRX is once again positioned to be at the forefront of this incredible development by the launch of its RXChange reward system. The cryptocurrency that underlies what has been called our MilesHigh club.

    On Dec. 19th. we launch our campaign under the headline

    NextRX rolls out Joint ICO

    What we mean by that is a joint Initial Crowd Offering where the crowd is invited to fuel the company by either investing dollars in a regulated equity crowdfunding campaign or use cryptocurrency to buy our Limited Edition RXChange medallion.

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